Connecting energy

Interconnectors, like Viking Link, can bring many benefits, including:

  • Improved security of supply – by enabling the import of generation from neighbouring interconnected markets. 

  • Lowering the cost of electricity through cross-border trade in electricity and shared use of the cheapest generation sources. This can help consumers in an expensive market to benefit from cheaper imports.

  • Increased market for producers, such as wind power generators.

Interconnectors increase opportunities to sell electricity, reducing surplus and adding value.  Contributing to the development of the EU single market and optimising the use of resources across neighbouring countries.

To meet international and domestic renewable and climate change targets, the UK and Denmark will generate more power from renewable sources, including offshore wind.

The UK faces a major challenge in how it continues to meet the country's increasing energy needs and addresses the problem of climate change.  By linking with other countries' transmission systems, National Grid can increase the diversity and security of energy supplies, facilitate competition in the European market and help the transition to a low carbon energy sector by integrating renewable sources.   

Viking Link will also help the UK Government meet its carbon reduction commitments by providing access to a well-developed, low cost renewable energy market. Denmark is aiming for 100% renewable energy in their  electricity systems by 2030.

Being able to balance wind production and demand across countries and closer integration between electricity systems are vital for the efficient transition towards a green energy future. At present 43 per cent wind is relative to electricity consumption and Energinet’s interconnectors to Norway, Sweden and Germany already help balance the wind power-based electricity system. 

The need for more interconnectors is growing and Energinet is working with transmission companies in neighbouring countries to build an interconnector to the Netherlands and two more interconnectors to Germany.