Customs Declarations

When trading electricity between Great Britain and Denmark customs declarations are required.

Great Britain

In Great Britain, National Grid will make import/export declarations on behalf of market participants for flows on the Viking Link Interconnector. Therefore no further actions are required for market participants trading in GB.


Customers will be required to meet Customs Declaration requirements within Denmark. Please follow these steps to ensure that your declarations are ready for trading on Viking Link.

  • For non-Danish customers, it is important to note that all foreign operators must be associated with a resident representative in Denmark. This could be through a customs agent or through its own business registration in Denmark. Business registration in Denmark can be obtained through

  • For non-Danish companies supplying services or products in Denmark must be registered with the Danish Business Authority. Where customers need a registration if they require someone to manage customs for them, they should register here.
    This process can take some time so it is advisable to register as soon as possible.

  • Once registration is in place, either through business registration or via a representative, the applicable registration with the Danish Customs Agency can be obtained. Businesses domiciled in countries outside the EU can obtain refund on VAT for goods and services purchased in Denmark. Danish VAT is 25%. The amount is not refunded automatically.

  • Security will be required for any customs duties your goods may be charged.

  • Imports from a non-EU country to be sold or consumed in Denmark, need to follow the customs procedure Free Circulation. Customers can then apply to submit Customs Declarations on a monthly basis and do not have to submit declarations for every import. The relevant documentation can be found at Forms & Documents

For further information on the Danish Customs Declaration, click Your Company’s Tax Situation and select the English translation.

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