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4/30/2024 12:46:06 PM

National Grid’s Viking Link interconnector recognised by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™

The Viking Link interconnector between the UK and Denmark has been recognised by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Record-breaking link has been named the longest land subsea HVDC interconnector Official adjudicator visited the project’s Lincolnshire converter station to present the title

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4/18/2024 1:04:31 PM

National Grid launches Viking Link, the next step towards a North Sea super-grid

The £1.8bn project connects the UK with Denmark was launched today. With a capacity of 1.4GW, Viking Link will be able to power up to 2.5million UK homes and is the longest land and subsea cable in the world. Viking Link will deliver £5.2bn in benefits to UK consumers. As the UK’s first connection with renewable energy-rich Denmark, Viking Link will be instrumental in both countries achieving net zero carbon emissions.

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3/27/2024 3:29:29 PM

National Grid partners with Wessex Archaeology to support Lincolnshire schools

More than 450 pupils reached in interactive sessions as National Grid hosted science and archaeology sessions across Lincolnshire ‘Alfie’ headed into schools to give pupils his new workbook detailing historic finds in the area Items from an Anglo-Saxon cemetery were uncovered in rural Lincolnshire during work to build Viking Link and discussed with school children.

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1/9/2024 12:09:50 PM

Anglo-Saxon cemetery discovered in Lincolnshire to appear on BBC

Discoveries unearthed during the construction of the UK’s new Viking Link interconnector shown on television this week. Items from an Anglo-Saxon cemetery were uncovered in rural Lincolnshire during work to build Viking Link Finds including jewellery, pottery and human remains were featured on BBC2’s Digging for Britain

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12/29/2023 12:50:25 PM

The world’s longest land and subsea interconnector started commercial operations today (29th December 2023).

National Grid’s new Viking Link electricity interconnector became operational this afternoon transporting power between the UK and Denmark.

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8/30/2023 10:47:29 AM

Final cable test complete for National Grid’s Viking Link interconnector

National Grid’s Viking Link team have been successful in the end-to-end cable test for the 1.4 GW interconnector. This is a key milestone for the project which is expected to be complete by the end of the year

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8/7/2023 8:39:03 AM

More than 1,000 visitors attended Viking Link’s interactive archaeology events in Lincolnshire

• More than 1,000 visitors attended three events across Lincolnshire to find out more about the area’s past • The interactive events displayed ancient finds uncovered during work to build National Grid’s Viking Link interconnector • Visitors were able to meet the project team, archaeology experts and see first-hand items dating back to Roman and Anglo-Saxon times • The events were held in conjunction with the National Festival of Archaeology week

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7/18/2023 1:39:32 PM

Laying of world record power cable between the UK and Denmark now complete

Final length of the 475-mile (765km) Viking Link interconnector has been laid and joined – forming a continuous link between the UK and Denmark for the first time. The £1.7 billion (€2bn) project is a joint venture between National Grid and Danish system operator Energinet. The UK and Denmark will soon be able to share enough green electricity to power up to 1.4 million UK homes.

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5/30/2023 10:24:06 AM

Viking Link supports Dementia wristbands to help hundreds living with Dementia across Lincolnshire

National Grid’s Viking Link and principal contractors Siemens Energy and Balfour Beatty have donated 1,200 wristbands as part of Lincolnshire Police campaign. Specialist microchip technology enable people living with Dementia to be quickly reunited with carers and loved ones. Residents across the county can apply for bands for free as part of the scheme.

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12/13/2022 11:11:19 AM

Final piece of Lincolnshire land cable in place for National Grid’s new electricity link to Denmark

The final piece of UK land cable for National Grid’s new interconnector to Denmark has been laid in Lincolnshire this week. Engineers at National Grid’s Viking Link project used specialist machinery to install the final piece of land cable into position near Mablethorpe. This is the 118th cable laid in the 67km land route which runs from the coast to Bicker Fen where imported green energy will join the UK transmission system.

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5/13/2021 11:04:38 AM

Viking Link supports new Age UK mobile outreach service

Local communities in Lindsey and North Lincolnshire will be taught valuable online skills including banking, shopping and video calling thanks to a new charity outreach service launching as soon as restrictions are lifted.

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3/23/2021 11:11:50 AM

Viking Link launches new book to inspire pupils in Lincolnshire

A new STEM-based workbook will be landing in classrooms across Lincolnshire this week to inspire pupils to learn more about clean electricity and the environment.

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3/15/2021 11:00:34 AM

Viking Link rocks – recycling scheme saves tonnes of CO2

An initiative by Siemens Energy to reuse and recycle aggregate for use at the Viking Link Converter station site in Lincolnshire is predicted to save a total of 58 tonnes of CO2.

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12/2/2020 6:40:54 PM

Work begins on the converter station for National Grid’s Viking Link Interconnector

Converter station will house the technology to enable clean electricity to be transmitted through the 765-kilometre subsea power cable.

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9/11/2020 3:47:50 PM

Energinet takes first steps to install the land cable

Munck Piping has started horizontal directional drilling (HDD) on the Viking Link land cable route in Denmark from Houstrup Beach near Blaabjerg to the converter station in Revsing by Vejen.

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9/3/2020 11:39:38 AM

Construction world first: Industrial hydrogen fuel cell system to provide combined heat and power to National Grid’s Viking Link construction site

Hydrogen fuel cell system, delivered by Siemens Energy and partner GeoPura to provide off grid power and heat to National Grid’s UK Viking Link construction site

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8/13/2020 6:27:24 PM

Kick-off for construction activities on the Danish converter station

Energinet held a kick-off event for the construction activities of Revsing Converter Station in Vejen.

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7/13/2020 9:31:52 AM

National Grid starts construction on Viking Link

National Grid’s Viking Link infrastructure project marks a major milestone with Siemens Energy Ltd, as the construction of the world’s longest electricity interconnector begins, representing a significant step in the UK’s journey to net zero.

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6/25/2020 8:09:54 PM

Viking Link Converter Station Site Access Road Construction Begins

The Viking Link team and our contractors have been busy preparing for the start of the interconnector construction phase, scheduled to commence this summer.

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6/16/2020 9:12:25 AM

Green loan speeds race to net zero

As we work to help the UK reach its net zero target by 2050, find out how securing a $743m green loan will help us power 1.4 million homes with renewable energy.

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6/8/2020 2:59:17 PM

Munck Piping installing cables for the Viking Link project in Denmark

Munck Piping have won the contract for onshore cable installation.

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3/31/2020 2:39:43 PM

COVID-19 and Viking Link construction works

COVID-19 impacts in line with current government guidelines in Denmark & Great Britain.

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2/3/2020 2:58:39 PM

National Grid’s Viking Link project launches schools programme in Lincolnshire

National Grid has launched a three-year series of educational workshops for school pupils in Lincolnshire.

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12/18/2019 3:17:03 PM

National Grid and Energinet have chosen Balfour Beatty to become the civil works supplier for the UK’s first ever subsea electricity interconnector to Denmark.

Balfour Beatty has been awarded £90 million contract, over a four year period, to deliver the British onshore civils works for the Viking Link Interconnector Project.

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10/25/2019 9:38:35 AM

Preparation has started in Denmark

The first steps to constructing Viking Link in Denmark have just been taken on the beach at Houstrup, where the submarine cable is going to come ashore.

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9/3/2019 3:55:07 PM

Viking Link moves from development to construction phase

Following the contract award announcement on 23 July 2019, Viking Link joint venture partners, National Grid Ventures and Energinet, signed EPC contracts (on 23 August 2019) with their chosen suppliers Siemens, NKT and Prysmian at an event in London.

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7/23/2019 11:34:59 AM

Cable and converter station suppliers are announced

National Grid and Energinet have announced their chosen cable and converter station suppliers for the UK’s first ever subsea electricity interconnector to Denmark.

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6/4/2019 10:49:48 AM

Award notifications expected by the end of June

An initial contract award notification in respect of the cables procurement was made and provided to bidders in April 2019

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12/20/2018 10:08:46 AM

National Grid and Energinet sign joint venture agreement to deliver Viking Link

Viking Link project partners, National Grid and Energinet are pleased to announce that they have entered a Joint Ownership and Operations Agreement (JOOA) to construct and operate a 760km long, high voltage direct current (DC) electricity interconnector between Bicker Fen in Lincolnshire, Great Britain and Revsing in southern Jutland, Denmark.

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12/14/2018 10:27:43 AM

UK Onshore Scheme achieves required planning consents

On the 12th December 2018, National Grid Viking Link Limited (NGVL) received confirmation from The Planning Inspectorate (PINS) that its appeal had been allowed, and planning permission granted, subject to conditions, for the section of the interconnector located in East Lindsey District Council.

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11/8/2018 5:06:21 PM

National Grid announces £850 million Viking Link investment

On the 8th November, National Grid confirmed £850 million of investment in the Viking Link interconnector. The project will be a 50/50 joint venture between National Grid and Energinet, who approved their share of the investment in 2017.

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10/25/2018 10:50:10 AM

Viking Link scheduled to be commissioned in 2023

Energinet and National Grid Viking Link (NGVL) now expect to commission Viking Link by 2023. Contracts for the construction and installation of the interconnector will be awarded in 2019 after the required consents and licenses have been achieved.

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4/13/2018 6:40:17 AM

Investment decision to be rescheduled

Final investment decision on Viking Link has been postponed

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11/15/2017 8:30:00 AM

Local residents and landowners in attendance at information meetings for Viking Link in Denmark

Viking Link hosts information meetings in Varde and Vejen in Denmark. Opportunity for the local community to find out more about the project.

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10/30/2017 8:05:10 AM

Danish Energy, Utility & Climate Minister approves investment for Viking Link

Viking Link investment approved along with two other Danish infrastructure projects. Vital step in the transition to greener energy and ensuring the security of supply. Final investment decision by National Grid Viking Link and Energinet due in Spring 2018.

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9/22/2017 11:28:10 AM

Viking Link Offshore Scheme submits its marine license applications

Viking Link Offshore Scheme marine license applications have been submitted to the relevant National Competent Authorities in Great Britain, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. A formal consultation process to be carried out prior to a decision being made.

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9/15/2017 12:55:12 PM

Phase 2 consultations in Denmark

Viking Link Phase 2 consultation commences in Denmark. Stakeholders invited to provide comments and respond to the consultation.

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8/25/2017 1:29:45 PM

National Grid Viking Link (NGVL) submits its’ planning applications in the UK

Viking Link UK Onshore Scheme planning applications have been submitted to the four relevant Local Planning Authorities (LPAs). Formal consultation process to be carried out by the LPAs in the UK.

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8/11/2017 12:58:59 AM

Viking Link releases its Non-Technical Summary

The Non-Technical Summary (NTS) is released in line with TEN-E regulations and details scope of works for Viking Link across all territories

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6/23/2017 11:01:07 AM

Viking Link Public Information Events concluded in the UK

The Project thanks everyone who attended the Public Information Events in June. Planning applications will be submitted in the UK during summer 2017.

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5/31/2017 1:15:09 PM

Viking Link to hold Public Information Events in the UK

Public Information Events being held to provide updates on its draft proposals. Planning applications for the UK Onshore Scheme to be submitted during summer 2017.

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3/28/2017 2:36:50 PM

Viking Link completes seabed surveys in the North Sea

Geophysical, geotechnical and other relevant surveys executed along the 620 kilometre route through British, German, Dutch and Danish waters. Results of survey to support marine licence application for Viking Link

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3/15/2017 8:29:48 AM

Viking Link confirms underground cable route corridor options in Great Britain

Following a series of investigations and assessments, the National Grid Viking Link project team in Great Britain has confirmed the preferred route corridor options for two sections of the underground cable route corridor, known as the purple route corridor.

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12/14/2016 7:16:48 AM

Viking Link confirms preferred underground cable route corridor in Great Britain

Underground direct current (DC) cable route corridor confirmed between preferred landfall and converter station sites following Phase 2 consultation. Local opinion played an important role in the decision. Viking Link thanks everyone for their feedback.

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10/17/2016 8:09:56 AM

The GB phase 2 public consultation has closed

Viking Link thanks everyone who got involved in the recently concluded public consultation and/or provided feedback through the consultation process. Find out what happens next.

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9/26/2016 8:23:17 AM

The second phase of public consultation is still ongoing in Great Britain.

Only a few weeks left to give your views on Viking Link cable route corridors in Great Britain.

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8/26/2016 4:24:34 PM

GB Phase 2 public consultation period from 5 September until 14 October 2016.

The GB phase 2 public consultation commences on Monday, 5 September 2016 for a period of six weeks. Everyone urged to have their say.

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8/22/2016 5:51:51 AM

Latest on events and consultations in Great Britain; Landfall point and Converter Station sites confirmed in Lincolnshire

The GB Public Participation events closed on 19 August 2016. Preferred sites confirmed for landfall and converter station in Lincolnshire by the Viking Link project on 22 August 2016. Phase 2 public consultation starts 5 September 2016.

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7/21/2016 11:28:15 AM

GB Public participation events being held to give information on Viking Link project

From Wednesday 27th July until Friday 19th August, there will be a series of public participation events and parish council briefings across the route corridor study area.

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7/18/2016 11:18:58 AM

Viking Link Interconnector Project obtains CEF Grant approval.

Viking Public project confirms co-funding from the EU on 15 July

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5/22/2016 9:26:29 PM

The GB Phase 1 public consultation has closed.

Viking Link thanks everyone, including local communities, who got involved in the recently concluded public consultation and/or provided feedback through the consultation process. Find out what happens next.

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5/3/2016 1:44:50 PM

Public consultation on the Viking Link interconnector project in Great Britain closes on 20 May.

National Grid Viking Link (NGVL) is keen to hear what people have to say. Residents, farmers, landowners, councils and other organisations as well as the general public are urged to send in their feedback by 20 May.

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4/15/2016 6:34:35 AM

Public consultation launched for Viking Link interconnector project in Great Britain

National Grid Viking Link Ltd (NGVL) has launched the first phase of public consultation on the Viking Link project and is holding a series of six public exhibitions. Members of the public are encouraged to provide their feedback.

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4/8/2016 9:26:08 AM

Public consultation to be launched for Viking Link cable project in Great Britain

Public consultation on Viking Link project launches on Monday, 11 April. Local people urged to have their say. Six public consultation events being held throughout April.

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12/15/2015 6:49:30 PM

Viking Link appoints marine consultants for interconnector project and National Grid Viking Link Ltd (National Grid) have appointed Intertek and NIRAS as marine consultants for Viking Link.

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11/20/2015 1:22:25 PM

English - Danish interconnector project kicks off marine survey tendering process

National Grid Interconnector Ltd and have started the process to appoint a marine contractor to carry out sea bed surveys between Great Britain and Denmark for their joint Viking Link interconnector project.

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