Viking Link is planned to start flowing power on 29th December 2023.

Registering your company is the first step towards buying up to 1400MW of capacity between Great Britain and Denmark via a variety of auctions. Auctions will include Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Daily and Intraday explicit auctions.

Initially Viking Link will offer Daily and Intraday auctions, with long term auctions being introduced at a later date. 

To register as a customer, please contact the Viking Link Customer Team at [email protected] who will take you through the registration process and provide you with the relevant documentation. 

The table below provides a high-level summary for registering as a Viking Link customer. There are two
options to choose from depending upon whether you wish to buy capacity only (non – nominating) or buy and nominate capacity (nominating).

Please refer to the Registration Guide & Customer Checklist which outlines in detail each of the above steps. 

Settlement Banks

As part of the Viking Link Registration process, customers are required to be a Balance Responsible Party.
As part of this process, customers need to be registered with an approved Settlement Bank.

Nordic Customers
If you are based in the Nordic region please find a list of approved Settlement Banks here. 

Non-Nordic Customers

For Non Nordic Customers there are two options:

Option 1, OeKB 
Austrian bank OeKB will accept non-Nordic customers and they are in the process of being approved as an eSett settlement bank. This process can take some time, so application would be advised as soon as possible.  OeKB approval will be made on a case by case individual assessment, and submission of KYC-papers and documentation. If you would like to sign up with OeKB for clearing services, please contact:  [email protected]  

Option 2, EU/UK Registration with eSett
If your bank is not an approved Settlement bank,

  • The bank must be domicile in EEA or UK area
  • Further detailed information regarding the role, requirements, and process of the new Settlement banks can be obtained from: Settlement Banks

Steps for new Settlement banks:

  • Bank to contact eSett: [email protected]
  • eSett and eSett’s Settlement bank (Nordea) review if new Settlement bank is applicable for the settlement model based on the Settlement bank questionnaire and available information
  • All necessary agreements signed between Settlement bank and eSett as well as Settlement bank and Nordea
  • Penny testing for MT101 (Request for transfer) and MT940 (Bank statement)
  • Settlement bank approved and published.

Please find below the Viking Link Access Rules and Charging Methodology in force.

Viking Link Access Rules

Viking Link Charging Methodology

For registration and general enquiries contact the Viking Link Customer team [email protected]