GB Phase 2 consultations

Public consultations in Great Britain

From Monday 5 September to Friday 14 October 2016, we held our second phase of consultation on the options for a high voltage direct current (DC) cable route corridor between the landfall and the converter station sites. We also asked local people for their views on the design style options for the proposed converter station.

We held ten public consultation events at different venues (listed below) to help local people find out more about our proposals and give us their feedback.

Public consultation events:


Post code



Bicker Village Hall*

PE20 3BT

Wednesday 7 September

2:00pm- 8:00pm

Sandilands, Grange & Links Hotel

LN12 2RJ

Thursday 8 September


Donington, The Ruby Hunt Centre

PE11 4UA

Friday 9 September


Stickney Village Hall

PE22 8BA

Saturday 10 September


Orby Village Hall

PE24 5HT

Wednesday 14 September


Helpringham Memorial Hall

NG34 0RJ

Thursday 15 September


Alford Corn Exchange

LN13 9EB

Friday 16 September


Little Steeping Village Hall

PE23 5BH

Thursday 22 September


Partney, Dalby & Dexthorpe Victory Hall

PE23 4PG

Monday 3 October


Hubberts Bridge Community Centre

PE20 3SG

Tuesday 4 October



To view the exhibition materials for the GB Phase 2 public consultation, please click here.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the consultation and provided comments.

The feedback provided was important and was carefully considered when making our decision on the preferred cable route corridor.

On 14 December 2016 and after careful consideration of all the information and feedback provided along with the environmental and technical information available, we selected the purple route corridor as the preferred cable route corridor as shown on the map below.

National Grid issued a press release to announce the preferred cable route corridor between the preferred landfall and converter station sites.

Within the purple route corridor there were options to route around settlements at the northern and southern ends of the corridor. Further surveys and assessments were required before confirming the preferred options for these two sections of the purple route corridor.

On 15 March 2017, the preferred route corridor options were confirmed, subject to further survey.

Towards the north, the route corridor to the east of the villages of Aswardby, Langton and Sausthorpe while further to the south, the route corridor to the west of the South Forty Foot Drain were selected as the preferred route corridor options for the pair of DC underground cables between the preferred landfall and converter station sites.

    Purple route corridor

Purple Route Corridor - Northern Section

    Purple route corridor - north section

    Purple route corridor - south section


More information on how we selected the purple route corridor is available in our UK Onshore Scheme: Preferred Route Corridor Report and details of the issues raised during the consultation and how they have been taken into account can be found in our UK Onshore Scheme: Phase 2 Consultation Feedback Report (Volume 1 - Introduction and Approach; Volume 2 - Feedback; Volume 3 - Appendices).

During the consultation period, we also asked for peoples’ views on design style options for the proposed converter station. The feedback we received will be provided to the local planning authority as part of the planning application and to develop a detailed design code for the converter station.

We will continue to carry out environmental and technical surveys to help us identify where the underground cables could be routed and will discuss our assessments with local authorities, statutory bodies and landowners.

See Onshore works for more.

For further information, please contact the project team on 0800 731 0561. Phone line is operational between 9.00 am and 5.30 pm, Mondays to Fridays (excluding bank holidays). An answer phone is available outside of these times to leave a message. Any messages left will be picked up on the next available working day.

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