Why are you connecting at Revsing substation in Denmark?

The 400 kV substation in Revsing, located close to Vejen in Southern Jutland, has been selected as the preferred connection point for Viking Link on the Danish side. The decision was based on technical and socio economic criteria. 

Energinet screened possible connection points for Viking Link in the Danish 400 kV transmission network. Five different substations were evaluated and the screening showed that a connection point in the substation Revsing would require the minimum of grid enhancements when compared with the other possible connection points. 

The Revsing substation has a very central location in the Danish transmission system with 400 kV connections north, south and west – and a planned connection eastwards by 2020. Furthermore, connecting at Revsing would have one of the shortest line lengths for both land and submarine cables. Finally there is space available in Revsing for the expansion required for Viking Link.

The final choice of connection point needs approval from the Danish authorities in accordance with Danish law. In the consent process Energinet will consult the neighbours and other relevant stakeholders.