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Energinet takes first steps to install the land cable

Our contractor Munck Piping has started horizontal directional drilling (HDD) on the Viking Link land cable route in Denmark from Houstrup Beach near Blaabjerg to the converter station in Revsing by Vejen.

Horizontal directional drilling is used to avoid digging and making an open cable trench in areas where you need to reduce disturbance from construction work - for example when crossing roads, railways and water streams, etc. With this technique it is possible to drill underneath these obstacles.

At the end of 2019, we concluded the first long HDD under the dunes at Houstrup Beach, Denmark. The remaining HDD's will primarily be at cable crossings for roads and railways. The route for the land cable goes through the municipalities of Varde and Vejen. A total of 92 horizontal directional drills are planned on the Danish part of the land cable. Of these, 40 are expected to be completed before the end of 2020. After this, there will be a winter break before we resume the drilling works during the spring 2021.