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Viking Link supports Dementia wristbands to help hundreds living with Dementia across Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire residents can now benefit from a donation of over 1,200 specialist dementia wristbands thanks to National Grid’s Viking Link and principal contractors Siemens Energy and Balfour Beatty.

The Dementia Wristband campaign is a scheme being ran by Lincolnshire Police and provides waterproof yellow wristbands to those living with dementia across the region.

The wristbands are available free of charge to local community members living with dementia, each wristband contains a small microchip programmed with their next of kin.

The technology enables anyone with a smart phone to scan the chip so that police or members of the public can help reunite the resident with their loved ones or carer.

The project has already been successfully piloted by the Alford and Mablethorpe policing team and the additional wristbands will now be distributed to members of the East Lindsey community.

NHS figures released in 2022 show estimate there are almost 12,000 living with dementia in Lincolnshire. Nationwide, the condition affects more than 850,000 people in the UK.

Speaking on behalf of National Grid and its partners, James Brown from Viking Link said: “This is a fantastic scheme which has already made a huge difference to dementia patients across the county. It is crucial that people living with dementia can get to a place of safety and security, with friends or family, as quickly as possible and we are pleased to be supporting Lincolnshire Police with this latest roll-out.”

Viking Link is National Grid’s sixth interconnector and is due to be complete by the end of the year. It is an electricity interconnector which will join Lincolnshire with Revsing in Denmark. Once complete, it will be the world’s longest land and subsea interconnector travelling for 475 miles between the two countries.

It will have a capacity of 1.4GW which is enough green energy to power 1.4 million UK homes (This is based on average annual UK household consumption figures.)

If you are a carer or relative of someone who is living with dementia who is mobile within the community, and you think a wristband would be of benefit visit the Lincolnshire Police website