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Viking Link confirms underground cable route corridor options in Great Britain

In December 2016, Viking Link confirmed the purple corridor as its’ preferred route corridor for a pair of underground direct current (DC) electricity cables and an optional smaller fibre optic cable between the preferred landfall site at Boygrift, East Lindsey and the preferred converter station site at North Ing Drove, South Holland, with route corridor options at the northern and southern ends of the preferred corridor.

On 15 March 2017, the preferred route corridor options were confirmed.

Subject to survey, the route corridor to the east of the villages of Aswardby, Langton and Sausthorpe in the north and the route corridor to the west of the South Forty Foot Drain in the south were confirmed as the preferred route corridor options for the remaining two sections of the preferred route corridor.

Access to the major road network; feedback received from residents and other stakeholders during the Phase 2 consultation which took place in 2016 as well as the need to minimise environmental impacts within the local communities were some of the factors considered in deciding these options.

The corridor of interest for the underground DC cables has also been narrowed down from 1 kilometer to 200 metres wide.

We will continue our assessments over the coming months to identify an alignment within this reduced corridor for our underground cables as well as suitable access points from this reduced corridor to the highway network and locations for temporary construction areas.

Further information can be found here.