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Latest on events and consultations in Great Britain; Landfall point and Converter Station sites confirmed in Lincolnshire

The series of GB public participation events held at various locations within the Lincolnshire area between 29 July and 19 August 2016 have now been completed.

Viking Link would like to thank the local authorities, communities and residents for their participation at these events.

After careful consideration of all the feedback received during the Phase 1 consultation along with results of preliminary site investigations and environmental surveys, the following sites have been identified and confirmed as the best locations for a landfall and converter station.

Landfall point:

A preferred landfall point has been confirmed as site LF1A, adjacent to Sandilands Golf club.

Converter Station site:

A preferred converter station site has been confirmed as site CS1, within the parish of Donington.

More information on how we selected these sites is available in our UK Onshore Scheme: Preferred Sites Selection Report and details of the issues raised during the consultation and how they have been taken into account can be found in our UK Onshore Scheme: Phase 1 Consultation Feedback Report (Volume 1 - Introduction and Approach; Volume 2 - Feedback; Volume 3 - Appendices).  

From Monday 5 September until Friday 14 October, we are holding a further phase of consultation to help us identify the most appropriate Direct Current cable route corridor between the landfall and the converter station.

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