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Viking Link confirms preferred underground cable route corridor in Great Britain

During September and October this year, we consulted on two cable route corridor options (purple and orange routes) for the pair of underground electricity cables between the preferred landfall site at Boygrift, East Lindsey and the preferred converter station site at North Ing Drove, South Holland. 

After careful consideration of all the feedback provided along with the environmental and technical information available, we have selected the purple route as the preferred cable route corridor. Local opinion played an important part in the decision.

Over the coming months, we will hold discussions with landowners and carry out further technical and environmental surveys to help us develop the detailed route of the underground cables.

During the consultation we also asked for views on the design style for the proposed converter station building. We will provide this feedback to the local planning authority as part of our planning application and work with them to develop a design code for the converter station.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the consultation and provided comments.

More information on how we selected the purple corridor as our preferred cable route corridor is available in our UK Onshore Scheme: Preferred Cable Route Corridor Report and details of the issues raised during the consultation and how we’ve taken these into account can be found in our UK Onshore Scheme: Phase 2 Consultation Feedback Report (Vol 1 – Introduction and Approach, Vol 2 – Feedback, Vol 3 - Appendices).

For further information on the choice of cable route corridor, please click here.